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Sunday, September 3rd 2006

12:39 PM

Writing Prompt for 09-03-2006

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Pick a character you are working with, or develop a new character for this writing prompt. To learn more about your character, write two scenes:

  1. Your character in heaven,
  2. Your character in hell.
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Monday, January 9th 2006

9:08 PM

Writing Goals for 2006

What are your writing goals for 2006? (Feel free to share!)

Here are mine: 

1. Write a new article, short story, and/or poem every month.
2. Submit an article, short story, or poem every two months to a publication or contest.
3. Complete OF EARTH, AIR, FIRE, & WATER: A MYSTICAL APPROACH TO WRITING (working title) nonfiction project before the end of September 2006.
4. Complete the nonfiction book proposal for the nonfiction project by the end of March 2006.
5. Begin submitting the nonfiction book proposal for the nonfiction project by the beginning of April 2006.
6. Finish the third (final) draft of MURDER IN D MINOR (formally NIGHT MUSE) by the end of May 2006.
7. Finish the initial draft of LOGAN'S LAMENT by March 2006.
8. Finish the third (final) draft of LOGAN'S LAMENT by the end of
December 2006.
9. Begin looking for an agent/publisher for MURDER IN D MINOR starting
in May 2006.
10. Draft at least 50,000 words of a new novel during November 2006 (NaNoWriMo).
11. Post these goals where I can see them every day.
12. Post updates on my progress to my online writing group (Artistic License) every four months.

 Happy New Year!

Take care,


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Sunday, November 6th 2005

10:21 PM

Dear Muse

Write a letter to your muse. Any subject. . .





Dear Muse Column



To The Muses by William Blake



The Muses from Greek Mythology


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Friday, October 28th 2005

8:04 PM

Writing Prompt - Gathering Wisdom

Wisdom can come from two sources: what we gain through life experiences and that which we obtain from the same place where our muse grows and lives.


To jumpstart your thinking, look up quotations about wisdom:











What bit of wisdom has been important to you recently? (Your own quote or saying or something from someone else that has special meaning.)


How might you use your inner wisdom as a place from which to write?

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Wednesday, July 21st 2004

10:49 AM

Weekly Prompt - Week Ending 07-24-2004

Mid Year Writing Goal Check!

Review your writing goals for 2004. Are you on target? What do you need to do to get back or stay on track?

If you don't have writing goals for 2004 write them today!

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Tuesday, May 11th 2004

4:13 PM

Writing Prompt for the Week Ending 05-16-2004

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Have fun!

Pick an object -- Describe it using your senses
(touch, taste, sound, sight, smell), but do NOT name
the object. Try to focus on touch, taste, sound, and
smell, rather than sight.

You can use up to 200 words.

Write on!

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